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Dec 14, 2013



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Local Elite

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800m-     2:06.2   2:05.x(relay)

1600m-     4:38.57   4:37.51

3200m-     10:16.40(indoors) 9:56.88

3 mile(XC)-     16:29

5k(XC)-     17:02.91(Mt. SAC/Foot Locker)

5k(Road)-     16:55

Half Marathon-     1:17:38

Marathon-     2:43:40

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Run Fast, Eat Slow! Improve my nutrition. 

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Student at Utah State University, studying Mechanical Engineering.

Canada Halifax Mission RM

Instagram: @ckelley_run

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I did a normal warmup. Things weren't feeling too bad considering what I did Saturday. I did 10x400's with a 200 jog recovery at 3200 pace. I was hitting 73s and a few 74s. The legs didn't quite have it today. My left hip and calf really started to tighten up in the last few. It was solid, but I didn't push it too much. I did a 25 minute really easy cooldown. My feet tightened up and were really hurting, along with my calfs aching a bit. I did a little barefoot stuff after to try and loosen things up.

Fessler and Carson went nuts again today. It's like they try and run until their legs fell off. I think they overtrain in these intervals. They were probably running faster than me again too, haha.

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Did some of the TEAM warmup. My legs were dead anyways, but my knees were hurting from being on the roof shingling today. After we ran to the church for additional warmup and practiced some handoffs. I ran 5 miles with the Robber at about 7 minute pace. My right foot was hurting where it bends. I cross trained for 25 minutes after then did some stretching and abs.

Lower legs and feet are really feeling it lately.

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It was a pretty mediocre day today. It was the first dual meet of the season. I tried to get a good workout out of it. I started with a 10 and 10, ten minutes easy and then ten minutes at fairly hardish pace. That shocks the body a little. After I did drills and got ready for the next part of my workout. I had to wait a little while though. I did 11x200's in 35 with 100 meter jog recoveries. I was wanting to hit 34s/33highs, so that was a little disappointing. I just couldn't do it. After that I had to run inside to go to the bathroom. I then got ready for the 4x4 and ran the anchor leg on the Syracuse Project team. I split a 57, which isn't great either. I cooled down for a little over 16 minutes.

I need to work on leg speed and turnover.. I lack that

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It was beautiful weather today. I went out for just a solid mileage day. I did an 8 mile run. My right foot was hurting the first two miles, but that went away. I had to stop at halfway to tie my shoes. I can't remember the last time I had to do that. My right IT band was a little tight the last few miles coming back. It was a good day to just be out running. After I did 4x200's at 1600 pace. I still struggled to run faster than 35s. I think I need to break my body from that pace. I did hit 30 on the last one though. Hurdle drills, stretching, and abs after.

I overheard Rob talking to "The Prodigal Son" after practice today.. He was saying eventually sub 2 in the 800, but soon sub 10 in the 3200. He said he was going to work with him and help him. I will not lie, this pissed me off. He's never offered to help me like that. Just because he is a manchild and already broke 5 as a freshman? It shouldn't make me mad, but it's frustrating how much work I put in and he doesn't seem to want to help. I would have liked to have Tom, Landon, and Parker there today. 

I've always loved this picture/quote since Coach Buhrley put it on our bibles freshman year. I feel like it's really starting to describe me.  

When exaustion gets tired. When agony doubles over in pain. When defeat waves a white flag. I will still be out there. Running.    I am what I am.

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A little different today. I was up late doing homework so tired from that. I was also slightly depressed probably because I felt bad for Jeffe. I went to the bathroom and warmed up. We were ready to run and then had to wait ten minutes for the sprinters to finish their relay and get off the track. I did the actual relay/workout in my matumbos, and that felt good. We did a two person relay where each person ran an 800 and 4x600s. It was aerobically tough. I hit like 2:23 1:47 1:47 1:45 1:45. I was wanting 4:40 pace or faster, so it was a little slower but a good overall effort. The Robber was my partner.

I did an easy 30 minutes after. I got thinking about why I haven't been killing it in workouts and I remembered that my mileage is still up there, and it's never even been this high once seasons start, so that should be a good thing come May! It also gives me hope because the days leading up to Simplot were pretty rough as well. I also ran into good ole Julion out walking his dogs. It was good to see one of the old guys that have always encouraged me. Light hurdle drills and stretching after.

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Went up to Fernwood this morning fo a trail run. It was windy, but cool so nice running weather. I felt pretty good going out. The calfs were feeling yesterday a little, but not bad. I turned aroung and went up HPH. That destroyed my legs. It was harder than I remember it ever being. After my break at the top I ran back. That first half mile after that my legs didn't want to work. Solid run that mixed things up. 51 minutes, so not bad considering yesterday and the wind and not being used to trails.

I did an easy mile cooldown in the parking lot after to try and loosen the legs up a wee bit.

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